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About Port Promos

Port Promos are a visual display advertising and merchandising company specialising in large format indoor and outdoor display. We cater for all types of events such as festivals, concerts, sports events, store promotions and public events.

Visual Display Advertising is a fast and effective way of promoting your business or event. Our displays range from indoor/outdoor kiosk displays, large format printed vinyl displays, fabric displays, pavement displays, podioums, flags, box displays, tube banners, backwall displays, inflatables and merchandising bins.

Port Promos offer a complete service and bespoke solution tailored to your needs which includes your branding, colours and logos. We offer onsite setup, assembly and removal and have a vast range of visual displays for hire and for sale. We also offer training on assembly/dismatling where required.

Following a consultation we evaluate your goals and scale of your promotion and provide you with a tailored solution so that you gain the most out of your event. We work with businesses of all sizes and event organisers all over the country and will tailor the best solution to meet your needs and available budget.

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Our Services

PortPromos offer a range of services to retailers, offices, exhibitors and all other businesses where visual display advertising is used to drive sales, create awareness and maximise your brand’s potential. 

We Sell Your Sale

We will provide you with the advertising material for you to advertise your sale and a member of our visual display experts will visit your premises and install the signage and promotional material for you. This saves you time and money as your staff aren’t tied up installing the displays plus you don’t have to purchase signage/displays which you may only use a few times throughout the year and will have to store when not in use… Find Out More

Design Services

We work with your design team to ensure that the images provided are in the correct format and resolution. Our design team are also available should you require us to create your artwork for you… Find Out More

On-Site Installation

We arrive at your event and stay … Find Out More

Complete Solution

We have a wide range of visual display merchandise available from roadside/outdoor advertising to indoor expo displays… Find Out More


We pride ourselves at being able to offer top quality visual displays at affordable prices. We have supplied visual display advertising for large events and exhibitions where there would be large volumes of traffic and our displays are built to withstand the test of time. We have a loyal customer base and believe in building and nurturing our customer relationships and provide full support and after-service. We offer professional advice on the best display solutions for your event.


Free Consultation

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